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2013 年 12 月 18 日  星期三   晴天

China dream, beauty in the youth 分類: 未分類

Romain Rolland once said, life is a bow, and a string is a dream. Have a dream of youth is fearless, has a dream China is greathome organizer online.

Plan your year in spring the silken River, bright with spring, floats between earth and heaven. Green in the spring, all things are made, the potential of that product, the majestic also angry. Dream of flowers bloom in the spring, pregnant with the dream of youth, to accumulate steadily some day in the future, burst into glorious miracleadd hair.

Beautiful China, passed down from the ancient cultural heritage of 5000 years, tired from millions of thousands of miles the beautiful rivers and mountains, the one and only to stand in the east of the world. Chinese dream, dream in the take-off, the dream in the dream in the revival of prosperity, brilliant. Since Sun Zhongshan put forward the slogan of "rejuvenating China", many Chinese children youth paved a dream roadLED lamp.

Chasing dreams, always on the road.

Chinese dream, the dream of youth, the young generation growing up in the dream, always ready to realize their own value.

See you soon because you mountains, you know the deep lake is because of you. We have a young and inexperienced tour the motherland beautiful rivers and mountains of a country's heroic utterance. After reading the "patriotism, die on the battlefield", we also have a "family home, with Xiang Township, to the country for the country, for the world" to the world's lofty aspirations, prospect of soldiers on the battlefield, protect our homes and defend our country. Finally, it will precipitate all the time. This time doesn't need a hero, national hero and need not. Fantasy as a hero and not for the efforts of the people, they will be a blow and a shout, life confused and helpless.

With no small steps, one can't cover a thousand mile journey; with no small streams, there can be no oceans or seas. Every ordinary person be conscientious and do one's best, do their own work, the great China is to return the most generous gifts. China new development, rely on the development of the Chinese nation, only make everyone rich, Chinese dream is true.

Hero, you are talented, the demand of the times cannot be changed. Individualistic heroism, far better than the team in today's society to give play to the role of sincere cooperation, even in Kung Fu Guo Jing will stop Mongolia Tieqi aggression.

As a youth, is the prospect of their collective vision, even the future of the nation. But Time will not wait for me., good things always fleeting, want to achieve in the near future, their own small ideal, contribute to the achievement of Chinese dream, a wealth of knowledge and experience is essential. The dream is not yet implemented, comrade still needs the effort!

My youth is a song, China dream full of ideals, full of passion. To speak in measured tones, singing from the cloud.

My youth is a flower, Chinese dream with tender, accommodate vitality. See the beauties of springtime, All flowers bloom together.

My youth is a painting, China dream of refraction of ancient and modern, looking to the future. Enjoy the beautiful youth China, art.

2013 年 12 月 10 日  星期二   晴天

My home 分類: 未分類

I have a warm home, you must want to have a look! Then I will introduce you to my homeTeny Wu!

Open the door, the first thing that catches the eye is a big table in the dining table, surrounded by placing five or six small chair. I sat with my mom and dad to eat in small chair, we are one family often dishes for each other, enjoyableSamsung Galaxy Note 3 Defender.

Round table is the living room, the living room has a sofa, soft, very comfortable. Sofa opposite the television is a television, there are many good TV, TV also had many arguments. Once, mother to work overtime, no time to send me to school, he called my father sent me to go, mother left soon after, my father received the unit on the telephone call him out for a while. So, my father said to me: "quiet ah, dad wanted to go out, you go to school!" I came home from school, I heard an argument: "why did you not send her to go?" "She should be independent." "You don't fight, mother is good for me, father is good for me, since they are good for me, then why should fight?" listen to I say, they all laughedCCIBA.

The living room is next to my room. My room is a small bed, I sleep in it. There is a wardrobe, small bed, there are two small cabinets wardrobe, I use it to put the things. The right side of the bed is a desk, every day I write operation. There is a curtain desk, the curtain is purple, late at night, curtains, like entering a forest Glen, my room. Good!

My room is over and around a bend, is mom and dad's room, the room has a bed. The bed is the opposite of a television, can watch TV mother every night, a TV set and a small wardrobe.

In the face of such a warm home, how could I don't like it?

2013 年 12 月 2 日  星期一   晴天

Since you leave, no heart for others 分類: 未分類

The light cold, dream and no hateSamsung Note 3 cases, only love the students.

Lianwai wind tight, pillow empty left tears. Incense Fuqin, originally for pleasure this lonely evening, but who knows, creaking bomb not tone.

In the autumn, who is folded in a lonely under the moon hanging in the trees, reflected in my eyes deep, blossoms into a tree of white. As an inexperienced with smoke and dust of the soul, crystal through this one season warmscrapbooking storage.

The silent days, along with long memory kept passing, some emotional precipitation in the memory deep place, some people were forgotten in the breeze. Only the voice of flowers, but still, never out of tuneWomen fashion.

However, the original listening to a piece of music constantly in the hours pass, was so quiet so beautiful. So, the heart is clear, have sailed the seven seas, loneliness is the dust in the blooming flowers.

Lonely, not an occasional fallen elf. But fell in deep space, flashy alone woman, with sensitive feelings as fine as silk, with a cool month cool, rocked the dancer in micro tired heart eyebrow. With a fall of the picture, a long stretch of wall, fills the entire downtown earth.

Perhaps, the lonely soul, is past the station behind you that a home, with a world of hate, followed with the outstanding effect, this is the future find a never to unravel the complex.

Keep cool, lonely, deep in the autumn leaves fall. See yourself how to complete a metamorphosis. The outcome is trivial or gorgeous, is light wind like calm calm.

The night awake, hundred eventually faded beauties. Regardless of life or, or break it. Always feel that everything is vanity, and I'm waiting for love, still there I swim?

Love is chaste woman, always unfeeling Mo Lang.

Although not a chaste woman, with that kind of love, the thirteen years you, my heart does not change, defend the red king back.

The flowers begin to like the beautiful, with flower like lonely ending, in the world of mortals, a further round of land for you to write my feelings, but that the leaves kept flying, ever give you a?

Since you leave, no heart for others. In this life, to keep the lonely. Even though, is the infinite watch.

Believe I as in the past, my loneliness is the plant tendril bead, in you never forget the other side. So, I will stubbornly to sleep, never heard a little idiot discourse, in the years of silence gap, breakdown of the encounter.

2013 年 11 月 26 日  星期二   晴天

Go coagulation 分類: 未分類

Always believe that, but the crowd that eye gaze, I set foot mountain wading, and Baidu, and text all one's edge, is a warmoverhead garage storage, even fallen into dust, I also in water depths, silent watch, those flowers.

-- "

As snow Chen, turned into a bit of ice cream in the palm, gently; water Hua year, across thousands of poetic, merged into a text stream. Quietly back, and the text of the encounter, is my life the most beautiful love. Because of the little warm, text edge, is my eyes in the deepest heart mark, red dust in across the page, engraved floralfashion men clothing.

The seasons change, change of reincarnation, I had not even a vast on top of the dust has settled, early steps have already come to earth. The cold season, I can not help but think of that year saw the scene. I do not know when, my dreams are read in your shadow, because, this encounter too beautifulinvestment.

That year, my beautiful time, is your harps, lotus staring, eyes turned.

That year, I boiled the cooking words, you read into poetry, help to keep each other warm, drunk fleeting.

That year, I love Xu, promise you daily, sansei stone, a love.

Looking back on this period because of the text and to meet margin, your tenderness is still my deepest warmth. Always think, if there is no text, we may never meet, those so-called preexistence and this life is but an unfulfilled dream, also does not have this amazing time friend, you are still affectionate childe you, I just I lie women, perhaps forever, to find a friend, is to go rivers and lakes.

Light pen static books, but how also outline not old appearance; Miss Cheng war, but how also call does not return to the dust vessels for the. Is the day you, yes, I read about you in dream; dream, is the wind, is difficult for me to let go. Even if you're on the other side, I in this world, but also in the wind quietly take you deep heart, as I thought.

Listening to a piece of beautiful voices, twist a bygone times, Zen tea blindly, quiet enron. You see, how many men of literature and writing yearn day and night south of the Yangtze River, now in the eyes. Breeze drizzle, is surging the wet feeling, also wet my heart, a man of the south, leaving only the lonely figure. A little smoke condensate, half light warm and fragrant, life world, without you much?

In this life, you in the horizon, I in the Cape, two two opposite, but in the end cannot forget themselves in the rivers and lakes, Xu is karma, it so happened, only the plain words, around the Scriptures, spreading in the street you must pass through, not to meet with you, only that a silly, the pity.

In this world, you and I are like Equinox flower, you are my flower, leaf, flower millennium, Yela millennium, no longer meet. The river on both sides, Menchu Sally Hua Zheng Sheng, there can be a flower, is my root? For you, I came across the samsara, III, about, how to even embracing affectionate moment!

I know, your dream is I, you know, I dream of you. Have had several Sundowners, hope you in the back, do the heartbroken people, my heart sad, you, the west, are the end.

Dreams the flowers and the flowers, don't feel have winter. Miss the heart does not freeze, sometimes like water, and like the waves, through the progression of seasons, wash to the bustling Vientiane, free round gentle, regard with equanimity. Since then, if the water three thousand, just take a cup.

Never think, writing that beautiful, beautiful people get drunk. Because the text, I met you, met you, I fall in love with words, because there is you, text. This winter, let you live in my words here, mutual heating. You, then I shall sleep.

The text, let us meet; know, let us cherish. Hand in hand with you through the years, has been engraved in my heart, can't touch not divided, a tear is painful, a traction is pain. Time rolls on, only allow them to grow, and I only remember the first flowers of the sweet; Yunjuanyunshu, only allowed to float in the sky, and I cherish you give. Miss, is a warm.

Go into, the heating time, according to the heart of the margin, ink soul song rhyme is you where I hearts together, if time Weiyang, next time again, I still you hongxiutianxiang.

2013 年 11 月 15 日  星期五   晴天

Walk in each other's lives. 分類: 未分類

The world is big, big break up today, do not know when to be able to see, time is very short, short, you are not ready, hair don't know increased the number of root. Is in such a hurry and noisy life my way, you and I will always remember, you have to pass in the life, even if very short, clear in your eyes, will instantly flashed a me, that moment of surprise, frenzied heart, and the dark night, the stars in the clouds in the shy.

Young is not lonely, some are full of passion, dare to walk the frustrations and hardships, the river curved dare Bo life, to the old will realize the taste of them, in order to comprehend life amitabha. Even if we can't, take each other's hand, walk one's whole life. However, I will not fear and confusion, because you have stared, have warm, too sweet, too happy. Even without oath, no commitment, but the seasonal leisurely true, leave our mark, the bright red blossoms and green willows in spring, perhaps only belongs to your my two.

In the falling rain there, staring at the distance, rain along the cheek through the eye, is the pain of Acacia have the results, or to see the wind swaying lily. Your tears, your smile, your tenderness, Bo you live in my memory, the album's blossom fruit, never fade. Although, the pace of the years, has been wasted, though, we have no youth burning like a song. But, after all, is in the speed of the calendar time, real past, cried, laughed.

Walk with you in the alternate path, listening to birds singing, pick a few flowers do not know the name of flowers for you, and watching you blushing smile. With you in the pear orchard, shade under a tree to see a white haired old patient pushed her wheelchair, and his wife accompanied the carefree and content. With you on a sunny afternoon, see you when you are doing the facial mask, face black, I thought that you were lying to Africa, had I not daring, really makes you scared at a loss. With you in the night there, two side dishes, drinks, to beer only watch, I can not drink, you are afraid to drink, and the altar is not too smooth fish pot.

You look closer, to experience your temperament, your mind, your passion, your unique. All that is true, from among your speech with the open-minded, that a strong, no matter in not in tune, dare to sing along.

Let you and I treasure, this beautiful, in each other's lives, in other days, leaving a miss, leaving a moving, leave a warm, leave a dream, accompanied through far apart from each other, through the far-off regions.

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