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2015 年 12 月 1 日  星期二   陰天

Notice and Tips of Brown Curtains Decoration 分類: 未分類

Curtains have variety choice on styles and colors, pure colors, gradient colors or multi-color. And curtains styles are traditional style, classic, modern, European or romantic,ect. Brown curtain combine a lots of other curtains element to be a new curtains and occupy an very important position for home decoration.


For instance European style, what it want to show us are classic and noble concepts, more important are luxury and romantic. Bright blue and pink curtains are not good idea for such European style but brown curtains are best to use for the coffee color close to chocolate meaning of stable and calm easy offer a sense of romantic and quiet. That was why there are many houses in European countries are use brown curtains for home decoration. More important thing when doing home decoration should based on house's owner character to choose curtains, for successful people who doing well on business, with a sense of hale and hearty curtains are best for them to create an ambiance of solemn tranquility. For others who are young and actively, light brown curtains and furniture to provide a warm cozy room for them.

brown curtains

Room facing directions are also have to think of when using brown curtains. Room where full of light, brown curtains combines the light to warm the room greatly. But there are some rooms are lack of light, what we suggest you is using cold colored curtains. Do not use bright colored curtains for the room where facing to light direction for which after a long time with light shiny that bad to human health.

One more thing also the last one you have to keep in mind that is both decorative curtains and floor should match with each other. Remember do not use blue to match red or purple goes with red color or red to match green. What a terrible collocation.

2015 年 10 月 19 日  星期一   晴天

What Are The Curtain Functions When Using For Home Decoratio 分類: 未分類

Curtain is an essential part of home decoration. During the renovation process, curtain dose not cost to much, but has an important achievement on final renovation. It will be an ice on cake achievement when pick up a right curtain for home decoration. but opposite to badly decorative achievement. There are many kinds of curtain styles like flat curtain, pleated curtain and lace curtain. Depending on your like and home style to purchase one to sufficient play its role. So let us get some knowledge of curtain function.


First:Personal privacy protection

It is believe all of us do not like to be seem when we doing something at home. Especially in summer when we are wearing a short dress. Therefor, curtain hanging up in front the window will effectively protest our privacy very well. But have a clearly distinction between the living room and bedroom. Living room is the place where we meet friends or relatives, the privacy requirement is less than bedroom for bedroom is the place we take rest. Some thick and heavy fabric curtain are best used for bedroom while relatively thinner but elegant curtains are good to living room.

pleated curtain

Second:Curtains have a great decorative quality

Curtain color and pattern have great performance for home decoration. Pleated curtain can be the most popular item for people nowadays for it gives your home a kind of romantic feeling. The curtain color, please keep in mind, should go well with the whole room style and the furniture color. The cold color will go no more further with a warm color when those two colors come together.

2015 年 8 月 20 日  星期四   晴天

The pink curtains would let you enjoy the romantic charming 分類: 未分類

The world is developing quickly, at the same time, it could bring us much at the same time, of course, it could make the romantic factors, if it is used properly, it could bring us strong shock, as for the pink curtains, that could be the romantic position, then we could prove the magical position.

First as for the pink curtains, it could bring us the romantic charming, especially for some girls, that could let them feel in the fairy tale, if we lay in the pink curtains, then we could be like in the dreaming, and image when our horse comes, it is very pretty.

Second as for us, the pink color could be the warm type, especially in the winter, we could feel the house lively, in general, it is full of life and energetic, of course, it could let us dance with the color, that could be full of life charming.

Third the pink color could be the representative that we hope for the beautiful things, that could let our life full of charming, of course, that could let us full of the energetic, then it is easier for us to make dream come true.


In our impression, the pink color is suitable for these girls, in fact, it is not, in some countries, the pink color could be for strong and firm, so it is widely used in pink curtains, if you use the pink colors in the right methods, that could let us make the different kinds of bedroom.

pink curtains

2015 年 6 月 12 日  星期五   晴天

How to purchase elegant curtains for your room? 分類: 未分類

With the change of the seasons, the light of bedroom and living room could be changeable, as for this, it is difficult for us to feel the differences, but we could find it from the attitude of the light, which could influence the change of the living room and bedroom, as for us, what do we need to care about the choice of the furniture?

We could choose the proper elegant curtains, which could make the ideal effect, as for us, if you choose the south windows, which could be shinning and tulle, at the same time, it is proper for us to choose the cotton and silk fabric, at the same time, if you choose the north room, which could be cold and wet, then we could choose the warm color and thick elegant curtains, which could add the temperature for us.

Long Blackout Curtains With Leaf Room Darkening Blue Fiber

If your room has the window which face the east and west, then the blackout function would be the most important, as for us, the blackout windows could cover the light, at the same time, we could keep the light of the room, which could take advantage of the room, at the same time, if you choose the glamorous windows, then the light and brand would be very strong, in order to own the steady sleep, then we need the thcik elegant curtains to cover them.

elegant curtains

When we choose the fabric of elegant curtains, we have to think about the function of the room, in the bathroom and kitchen, we had to choose the practical and clean elegant curtains, at the same time, the style could be simple and elegant, as for the living room and restaurant, we could choose the simple and pretty fabric, in the study, we could choose the bright fabric, they are bright and elegant, which could be helpful for the mind and thinking.

Village Country Style Floral Polyester and Fiber Bedroom flat panel curtains

At the same time, the light of the room could be proper for the elegant curtains, if there is strong light in the room, then we could choose the tulle, cotton and silk fabric, we are not strict with the light, we could choose cotton and linen fabric, this would be the best.

2015 年 5 月 14 日  星期四   晴天

According to Room Usage to Select A Curtain For Home Decor 分類: 未分類

Every body knows that curtain should matched with the home style when using for home decoration. Only all things in the room match each other can create a perfect achievement. Here we are going to talk about how to decorate a room with a curtain patterned with butterfly.

First:Living Room

Luxuriously home improvement, a great falling down gauze curtain able to show the owner of extravagance and emotional. A sheer curtain appeal hazy feeling and increase a mysterious when hanging up in front living room.

Second: Bedroom

Bedroom is a place where requires privacy. A thick and heavy curtain is best for bedroom. In order to add more charm and romantic feeling, butterfly patterns and nautical patterns are best choice for bedroom place.


Third: Study Room

A curtain use for study room should has great light translucent for which can make room full of light. About the curtain pattern. the more simple and fresh are more better. With which people can easy to learn without any pressure.

Butterfly Curtains

Fourth:Kids Bedroom

Curtains use for kids room should be full of fun and cheer features. Cartoon patterns reflect kids cute and lovely characters, Also the nautical or star patterned curtain which can improve kids creativity and imagination.
Different room usage choose different patterned curtains with butterfly patterns. Do you make clear after you read the passage?