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2013 年 12 月 13 日  星期五   晴天

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 Cheap Jordans For Sale A Jordan 12 Taxi 2013 Long

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2013 年 12 月 6 日  星期五   晴天

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 i have more pride in that than my dick itself

On 4th of June 1960 a group of four teenagers consisting of the 15 year old girls Maili Irmeli Bjrklund (on the left) and Anja Tuulikki Mki plus two 18 year old boys Seppo Antero Boisman and Nils Wilhelm Gustafsson went to camp to a beautiful Finnish lake located in the heart of Espoo. Their trip to Bodominjrvi (Finnish for lake Bodom) is still known by each and every Finn.

It was a nice and sunny day when the youngsters arrived at the camping place of their choice, the cape of Hstbergen, which the boys had checked out earlier for them with their motorbikes. At this time the region was very peaceful and almost unpopulated. The girls had had some little arguments with their parents about spending the night at the lake, since there had been an unfortunate murder case on the other side of the Finland some time ago (the murderer had been already captured, though).

Soon the sun ceased to shine and the night fell upon them, as the kids fell asleep for the very last time. Between 03.00 and 06.00 the children of Bodom took their last breath. Someone or something brutally attacked the innocent campers by jumping on their tent and stabbing them through it with eyes full of hate. He hit the victims mostly in the head, neck and upper body. One of the girls was hit 11 times in the neck. Nils, however, managed to crawl out of the tent but he was hit by a stone.

The murderer escaped with various items of the kids: wallets, swimming suits, id papers and such, but nothing that would be worth the trouble the risk.

The next day Erkki Johansson, a father of two children, came to swim on a nearby beach with his two boys. By accident he spotted the collapsed tent and the bloody Nils next to it. He freaked out and called the police. As the police and doctors came over, Maili, Anja and Seppo were declared dead, but Nils was still moving his arms despite his injuries from the murder weapon and the stone. He had 10 wounds and his upper and lower jaw were broken.

He was the only one to survive this brutal and incomprehensible act of violence. Finns as a whole nation were horrified about the triple murder and the story made it to the headlines of newspapers all over the world. The biggest manhunt of the Finnish crime history had begun.

Graves of the children lie in Vantaa to remind about the murders. Also, a small wooden cross was put up on the cape of Hstbergen as a monument for the innocent victims.

The motive of the murderer was a complete mystery, and there were no clues at all except for a 80cm x 40cm pillowcase, with which the murder weapon had probably been carried. The bruised Nils had been carried out to a hospital and the police was anxiously waiting for him to wake up since he might have had some information about the murderer, but it was a huge disappointment when the first thing Nils said when he woke up was : "How did I end up into a car accident?" cheap Jordan 11 Concord

1. Tent

2. Construction site for a water cleaning plant

3. Mansion of Oittaa

4. The nearest house in the town of Korsback Jordan 11 Concord for sale

5. A bush where a pair of shoes was found

6. A bush where another pair of shoes was found

7. A bush where a wallet was found buy Jordan 11 Concord

Nils couldn't remember anything about the murdered but a month later he was hypnotized. He could give some details of the murderer and he also said that the eyes of the murderer had glowed (red light in his eyes?). Also some other eye witnesses like Olavi Virtanen who had seen someone walking away from the lake at 06.00 were hypnotized in order to get more details. On the left you can see pictures that were drawn according to the given details.

Unfortunately the pics weren't much of help. The police got hundreds of tips but they didn't help them get any further. They were also under a lot of pressure since the public wasn't happy with them since they didn't get any results. jordan 11

Some people also tried to mix up the investigations: someone cut himself and left the knife on a bush nearby the camping place. The methods in the sixties were also worse than today, so it's no use to blame the police, and besides who would be able to get on the reapers trail? Jordan 11 Concord

One of the main suspects was the kiosk keeper who had sold the kids candy earlier that evening, but there were no real evidence against him. One night he said these words drunk in a bar : "I DID IT!". His friends didn't know what he meant, but the next day he drowned himself to the lake. There are some rumours which say he had forbad tenting on his area at the lake but the youngsters didn't care about that and camped there despite his threats. Later the police came to the conclusion that it could've not been him.

There were a lot of eye witnesses who saw a bit of something that might have been the murderer. Some fishermen and a biker had seen a man from behind, but nothing more. Also the biker and the fishermen were suspected. Even Nils was suspected but he had so many wounds that he just could've not been able to stab himself continuously for so long.

In 2003 the mystery was again visible in the Finnish media, since one of the main suspects the German Hans Assman had passed away providing the courage for a famous Finnish professor, Jorma Palo, to release a book named "Bodomin arvoitus" (=the mystery of Bodom).

In the June of 1960 Palo was working as an assistant doctor in a hospital nearby the lake. 12 32 hours after the murder Assman had come to the hospital with bloody clothes on him in a very confused state of mind. The doctors soon found out that it wasn't his own blood. Assman couldn't speak Finnish so they couldn't communicate.

Palo and the other doctors tried to get the police to get to the hospital but they didn't listen to them since they were getting similar tips all the time. Soon Assman left the hospital and the police didn't even want to interview Palo.

Palo is still convinced that Assman was the murderer, but he was interviewed by the police in March 2003 and the police came to the conclusion that Assman had a very good alibi. order Jordan 11 Concord

Bodomin Arvoitus isn't the only book that has been released about the murders and there has also been a document called "Ei vanhene koskaan". Many years ago there were also rumours about a movie. According to the latest information Nils Gustafsson, the one who survived the lake bodom works as a bus driver in the city of Espoo. He is over sixty years old but still not retired.

In the course of fourty years the police didn't manage to catch the murderer. There were numerous theories, over 70 MAIN suspects, hundreds of minor suspects, over 3700 interviewed people and even a theory of two murderers. The possibility of a ritual or serial murder was closed aswell.

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 How do you hang something without putting nails or holes in the wall

I work in film and have to put things up in locations all the time without drilling or nailing into the walls. The industry standard has been butyl rubber tape

More recently I discovered clear rubber adhesive tape

Additional advice: to protect the wall, you can apply blue painters tape on the wall and put the adhesive on top of the tape. You can also tape the back side of the item you are hanging to protect it if that is a concern. It should come off cleanly and safely if you remove it gently. Jordan 11 Concord for sale

I successfully hung framed artwork this way but a large mirror would likely be too heavy. You could opt for mirrored tiles

You can find cork tiles that would work well for a cork board these can be spray painted if you want to get creative with some color! cheap Jordan 11 Concord

You might be able to get a lightweight aluminum frame dry erase board to stay up if you put a grid of tape/adhesive on the back. Be sure to measure and mark where you want the board to go beforehand, it will get messy if you try to adjust it. order Jordan 11 Concord

My tip for putting up the board would be to tape the back of your board with a grid of painters tape, roll out the adhesive onto the tape grid, then apply another layer of the blue tape sticky side facing you on top of the adhesive. Then stick the board to the wall and press hard to make it stay put. buy Jordan 11 Concord

Concrete is a bit tricky, i just drill holes into the bastard. Magnets are a good idea, but again, you have to drill into the cement to set the mags in place.

Adhesive is another option, but maybe not so much if you ever want to get your things off the wall. I done this for tool racks and such, but it a bit more work. jordan 11

Get your object, mirror or what not, and screw it down to a half inch of wood planking or boards. The boards you can then adhere to the concrete. When it comes time to move, you can just unscrew your things from the wood and take the wood off with a lump hammer or sledge. Suppose you can use something to get the rest of the glue off of the concrete too, if you care that much. There are lots of industrial adhesives you can sue for heaver things, or just go get a tube of no more nails from a hardware store.

As for the posters. umm. concrete nails. That learn Blue tack won work because concrete is too porous.

close this windowyou'll need to login or register to do thatcreate a new accountall it takes is a username and password. Jordan 11 Concord 

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 Greenwich Village Preservation Society Fights NYU Expansion With Cartoon Ghost buy Jordan 11 Concord

According to Andrew Berman, the executive director of GVSHP, they sent in a protest submission to the design contest because "this is a good way to get the attention and involvement of the community as we enter a crucial stage of the approval process" for NYU's Village expansion plans. The first public hearings for NYU's plans are scheduled for the end of the year.

Berman is aware that the society's protest entry stands little chance of being chosen by the school, but said that "it's not just for NYU." Jordan 11 Concord for sale

When we pointed out that the flyer might come off as a little too political for a children's event, Berman reiterated that he didn't think NYU would choose the design and that "I think it has the right tone and tenor." Jordan 11 Concord

On NYU's end, university spokesman John Beckman sent us this statement: cheap Jordan 11 Concord

"NYU will continue to look for people who want to engage in a serious dialogue about how to balance our academic needs and the jobs our expansion would bring with the concerns of our neighbors. We'll leave it to others to judge whether attempting to politicize a longstanding children's event, co sponsored with Community Board 2, clears that bar." jordan 11

That second sentence hoo boy. com (Click Our Username Come Our Company website)you can copy or cut the link on your web,you will find the amazing. order Jordan 11 Concord 

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 Finance and Economy

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke talks, people listen, though they may not understand what he says. On November 19, Bernanke spoke in Frankfurt to explain and defend the latest round of quantitative easing (QE2), as well as to assail China for failing to allow the Yuan to appreciate faster. If you head is already spinning, Wall Street Journal economis editor David Wessel arrives to offer up some plain english for Bernanke watchers, juxtaposing excerpts from the Chairman remarks against the lay translation. Example:

"The level of output in the advanced economies is currently about 8% below its long term trend, whereas economic activity in the emerging markets is only about 1.5% below the corresponding (but much steeper) trend line for that group of countries. Indeed, for some emerging markets the crisis appears to have left little lasting imprint on growth. is mired in painfully slow growth and Europe and Japan aren't doing much better. Sigh." buy Jordan 11 Concord

How to Treat New Employees (Alexander Kjerulf The Chief Happiness Officer) cheap Jordan 11 Concord

"Studies show that new employees who have undergone a successful start up process are 69% more likely to still be in the company after 3 years and they reach their full production rate 2 months faster." The CHO offers four tips on how your organization should treat new hires: jordan 11

Be there for them the first day; Jordan 11 Concord

Have the practical stuff ready;

Give them a solid technical introduction; and

Lay down the culture. Why do we remember "The Ultimate Driving Machine," while forgetting other marketing taglines that are, well, forgettable? While Yohn doesn offer a precise answer to the question, she does review Forbes list of 25 "best loved" taglines (that BMW line gets number one honors) to determine if the best taglines share particular attributes. She can detect any, which means that a great tagline may well be just a moment of inspired genius. So don try and turn this art into a science; know your product and let the feelig express itself.

Economy, Trends, Change:

The 50K College Club (Paul Kedrosky Infectious Greed) order Jordan 11 Concord

Is there a higher education bubble? In an economy where education is more and more important, is it becoming ever more unattainable for most? And is your company positioned for a world in which education again becomes the domain of an elite and where the next, great manager might not be able to go to school? It might be time to give some thought to what the following means for the already displaced workforce: the new list of colleges and universities with an annual tuition in excess of $50,000.00 has been released, and now exceeds 100 institutions, many of which are not what you consider "elite" in any sense of the word. Millennials have been connected their entire lives they grown up in a constant feedback loop and expect more than an annual "how you do" when they show up for work. In light of technology, annual reviews are a vestige of a bygone time when frankly, offering feedback was more complicated. It doesn have to be anymore. Feedback can be a regular process, and Pink offers three ways to make it so: "DIY performance reviews, peer rewards, and some groovy new software to pump a little more feedback oxygen into our employment caves."Don Innovate Steal Ideas and Create Value (Caspar Van Rijnbach Blogging Innovation) Jordan 11 Concord for sale

Anyone with a memory or a few minutes on his hands knows or can deduce that the i pod was not an original idea, in the sense of being first to market. So how did Apple succeed with borrowed technology where others could not, and how can this inform your innovative process? Steve Jobs is a believer in "stealing" ideas and using them to competitive advantage. With i pod, "Apple combined all the ideas and inventions [that made up the MP3 revolution], incorporated them in the i pod and i tunes and did it a little better than anybody else (while making sure to stay ahead in the game).