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2015 年 6 月 22 日  星期一   晴天

In late autumn, gently holding thoughts 分類: 未分類
Autumn, act out, when you love the alone stood on the balcony, pinglan looked at the distant sun quartermaster. The sky, orange sunset with the tenderness of the sunset, shone on the face, smoothing his heart that say a disappointments. The autumn wind blow dry eyes moist, I don't know what is the season and down and let the air around the desolate, and the years so it is. 
Around November, it is late autumn, the sense of cool meaning more clear. Whenever his lost the shadow of the wandering at the crossroads once again, seem to hear thin cool breath of the sound slightly raise sigh. I don't know if it is the wind as a share of their inner struggle. Head, wipe the grey colour is still floating, linger. 
Fall, seems to be thrown into all the colors, overnight to everything around the road yellow. I always thought the time back, everything is still the same. Looking back, only to find that, the time has gone far away. Many memories, a lot of years green has disappeared, leaving only the incomplete and gently sigh. 
Forget how much time goes by, to how much green time, hazy only in mind, not only lost in memory. Still remember last year today, we are still a group of students simply, we are not in the outside around the outside of dispute, the circle of life is still in the original simple, live a simple life. Now, once familiar scenes are fuzzy, fuzzy in that year's pure, blurring the that group of people together for countless ages. A lot of trace, a lot of people, all fades in the slowly fuzzy. 
Miss, to express the thought of many things of the past, for the person who let oneself very yearning. Forget how much in a hurry in the finger tip and the time flow to, just remember that the group of the most true, and the miss most years. How much regret, how much the diffused love is a kind of sentimentally attached to it. Accustomed to at this time, watching the sunset sink slowly, quietly miss the original green, miss around far-away place of that group, missed at the beginning of time. 
Has been always thought, a loving person, who would you want to be, will be in precipitation, slowly fade away. Long time will also a lot of good promise, a lot of good things of weathering. Helpless in the wind the skirt of the moments, when his lips remain thin cool autumn, I just know, originally I am a nostalgic person, will only keep the original time to comfort themselves. 
The trace of time lost beauty, precipitation too much, also changed too many people, the only constant is that the most real emotions. Perhaps one day, when we are each other the time's weathered erosion beyond recognition, recall the original scene, still will light the way, how are you, my good! 
The autumn wind, is still as same as the past is that bleak flavor, a lot of things, as always, a lot of people are in the world of mortals upheaval successively separated. That all may have been doomed, all the sadness, has been written, and we can only go to habit. Dissension accustomed to the outside, see light the clutch sadness, maybe we can only in the heart has a place, put the time in the past, so good. 
Time thin cool many past and goes by too many too many QingJian traces, the only constant is that the most real emotions. And at the beginning of many things, we have been unable to recover, may have been erased by years, may be what we had already been abandoned. Looking back, when the autumn wind blowing at the instant of the hair again, I can only light holding the emotion to chase the ever green, the missing. 

2015 年 3 月 25 日  星期三   晴天

Boldness and courage is a kind of wisdom 分類: 未分類

Some people, something, always careful, cautious everywhere, even more than a little careful, cautious rich feeling, like in the "snake bite is a day, once bitten, twice shy" state. 

Encounter things, or to do things, HKUE ENG think about the ins and outs of things to analyse the results of the pros and cons, for their own heart more, more, is should, is understandable. However, if the careful, cautious and hesitate, cleaves the drive and courage to put it aside, it is does not help matters resolved or can be to miss the boat. 
A lot of chances in life, is by the drive and courage to seize more, a lot of business is more on the achievements of boldness and courage. Life is not the same thing repeat culturelle, all things are no ready reference and answers, only in the work to realize way of doing things. You don't personally into the mountains, where you can know deep valleys and steep hills mountain road disaster; You don't personally wading across the river, and it will know that the depth of the river. Say so, do anything only among to close to, can see on a sinister, can take out the safety of evil plan, grasp the direction of development. 
Wherefore they called "punches have means to resist", as long as dare to face, everything is not great. For things in life, many mysteries, not be careful of the ropes in advance, but in the process of doing things get broken fan. Many examples can be proved that no matter what, as long as able to insist to be done is not afraid of difficulty, culturelle is sure to get the best results. 
Knowing that is a trap, you have to jump down go to, that call stupid; To do things, there is no boldness and courage, also called stupid, from a certain perspective, more stupid than jump traps. Because, to jump trap has to be to have energy and courage, and even jumped into the trap, also not is a dead end. If doing things, even the drive and courage to all have no, dream beauty pro hard sell it doesn't even have dead. Boldness and courage is a kind of wisdom, because only the drive and courage to produce wisdom. 

2015 年 1 月 5 日  星期一   晴天

Youth is gone, still in time 分類: 未分類

Time flies, Riyuerusuo. This is often used when a child's writing, then that can be used on these words, today's words, it is the high level of atmospheric ah. However, with time the wheels stop before the trip, getting to feel that the words of deep meaning, she is not just used to describe the time flies, culturelle it is used to record your life course inscription. Today I passed twenties years, looking back to see their youth, is so happy, so relaxed, no trace of sadness, unlike now have for their future life, work and family while trying to earn a day, perhaps only own one taste can appreciate. Although youth is gone, but still in time.

Each period of years, or wandering stagnant or dependent and accompanied by the line, also, or courage. During this journey, perhaps you already bearish thorny flowers lined the way and calm. However, once accompany people can still remember the warm hands, and thick arms, body temperature had passed over, it is the memory of the softest place. Time never grow old, culturelle and our youth, eventually at a certain time of nodes to give up gesture ends.
Youth in those memories, such as random pebbles scattered in little time on the road, even the dust all over the floor, also when you walk, dance together, this time in the light against the background, romantic look down and is no longer what it messy. Perhaps only after precipitation of time, those who make a small gravel chest pain, will eventually, into one and one beautiful flowers, embellishment of your life time, the achievements of their uniqueness. Today youth is past, that memory has been wiped gradually pale, electrical desk into a long time, when you recall, although no longer clear, but still beautiful.
Gradually, the time from our fingers like water slides, slowly diffuse through our body, Jin Zhao years of ups and downs salty, under catalysis of time, and prepare to only part of your wine, way to make life rise and fall Honor. Eventually, we learned word of the Buddha: The color does not vary empty, empty is not color, sex is zero, Kongjishise truth. That life is so simple.

2014 年 10 月 28 日  星期二   晴天

Bale just forget the memories 分類: office furniture

Yiyi chaos wind blowing, fine water shallow stream, youth is not long in, looking back tales of sorrow. 

- Inscription 
Encounter, like swirling petals, do not know when there will be wind office furniture, I do not know when it will fall, erratic somewhere waiting for their fate. 
Horizon, dotted with a few vaguely dim stars, just as I now feel like dim. 
Hovering in the silence of the night, counting Cheng pulls, looks into the distance as the mixing of the King, distant, broad, with a little fuzzy. 
I met you, that's probably just a coincidence. 
Although at this moment, the memory has already blurred a little, but then the warmth of the sun, the cool breeze. Vaguely in my heart never forget. 
At that time, no stunning Allure pour country, there is no story broke our hearts, yes, but a silly affair, a faint feeling, a shallow memories. 
I know that time is not whom to stay, and you may also never thought for me to stay a short one second. 
Perhaps, I should not be sad, you are the most beautiful scenery in my mind, but not exclusively belong to my landscape, I have a share memories, sometimes recall can feel bursts of warm, maybe this is a gift of God. 
Standing at the crossroads once again entangled before, I knew that I would be confused because different way, all the final outcome will only farther apart. 
Perhaps sink in this complex society, I look up to life, culturelle not what you want to get, and you longing for life, or maybe not, I can do, perfect, perhaps never appeared. 
Is one of the stars of the night sky, no, look, as if invisible little bright future in general. 
Too many wandering, too hesitant, willing to give themselves a desired outcome, but, it seems, the results always just use a sad ending to an end. 
Smile, white autumn day, is indeed filled with a lot of melancholy, like the wind chill, not wanton invasion of warm hearts. 
Perhaps all started, thought it was only by chance of fate, the outcome, only to find that it is really just teasing fate of Bale. 
Miserable? Perhaps not, the starting point of the story, the end of the story might not important, with the process, with experience, with the memories, it seems that is the meaning of a life. 
You search for your world and I would silently change themselves, perhaps, hair transplant meet again, when you are still you, I'm still me, perhaps, no goodbye, you is not my idea of ​​you, and I, have long been forgotten in your mind. 
If the snow out? Since I can not give you warm, then I just silently bless you find the warm embrace you deserve. 
Youth no longer, to me, is just now facing life among themselves rickets. 
Forget that you, or maybe, just forget the memories of Bale. 
Lights flicker, streaks read, 
Ends of the earth, how to forget.

2014 年 10 月 13 日  星期一   晴天

Gardenias and Dream 分類: 未分類
Gardenias are lush open, at the moment, is so beautiful, full house imbued with the taste of it. Breathless, take a deep breath, my body, every cell of my soul are infected with the gardenia incense. Indulge in this fragrance Ergonomic seating, the gardenia also fell in the dream. 
That dream is woven with grass quietly, like this fragrant gardenias. There are green leaves set off, and there was dew glistening with children, just the touch of monthly child I do not know where to go hide, that dream seemed to lose direction kite in my stumbled enjoy ourselves. 
Vase, I mixed a lot of water, in order to extend its flowering, keep it beautiful, but I understand that a few days, Natural stone it will eliminate the color, scattered fragrant, slowly lonely haggard, originally want to enjoy long, can also inviting the slightest sad. My dream would like gardenia wasting it? I'm afraid to see the grass leaves children zero, afraid to see dew cleared jimmy wong, fear faint moon Gambhir not disappeared. 
How I wish my dream, always have the aroma of gardenia, pouring in my every day, flows through the valley, flows through the wilderness, nuskin hk quietly flowing into my heart lake ......