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2014 年 5 月 12 日  星期一   晴天

The remains of a dream 分類: zawen

Sitting in the classroom when I started writing novels, is a Sunday. A few people. Originally thought that a big classroom will sit yourself a. Then the mood really not. Is it right? In boring when the mood is very easy to be outside the infection. Perhaps. A few minutes before seeing a word. Of course, people write mood. Perhaps he has a deadly sensitive.香港是繁華的城市
When the window is the afternoon, sit down, sunlight scattered in. Originally the lazy people suddenly soft. I was lying in front of the computer and start beating. In fact, I really do not know what to write. Just want to use words to evacuate your mood. Originally thought to want to play. Those words but as written is not satisfied. But do not want to modify. I was very emotional, or maybe they just don't fit the mood of now. Then at the beginning of,,,,,, always found myself story no end. Write a lot of story, is the beginning of the process, may soon. Suddenly do not know how it ends. If you never want to end.我抉定不再愛雪
To see a lot of books before, remember in high school Chinese class always hold this novel in the perspective, from the beginning in a sneaky way see later in a flagrant way. Chinese teacher is a woman, then do not see it, put me in front of the head teacher, head teacher tilted his legs, to her glasses. Touch a transcript to education i,
You watch your language exam 110 points, also the class reading novels,,,,,
I estimated that he still has a lot of big things suddenly can not say a word. The two page report I'm afraid can not find a three digit language achievement.靜靜的回望往事
Leave the transcripts, a little tactful said, you after class. The convergence, even if don't let your Chinese teacher see also.
Since then Chinese classes at many, often with your Chinese teacher read the text after me close my novels, I took out my Chinese book open. Sometimes I get up I would it, but now I am here typing,...... I then sat is beginning to read with the tape, then think to read the text hairy ah. Then see Rao snow slowly wrote "dense fruit" then looked at our Chinese teacher found that our teacher is also very beautiful. But also so tolerant. But now I don't know the language teacher or not with like me don't worry students. Still can help those students not obedient to open their books, and novels.發生在廟裡的事
So I read many novels, see she was not satisfied with the plot, always very entanglements. Then think about simply write your own.
Then I wrote something. When finishing before soon found out it was in high school. But no logic. Want to write it. Think about your university is a failure. Just love wasted. Now the total want to go back to high school, and with great efforts. North Korea five to nine as a Bushman as busy desperate. I don't think a lot, I simply point. In fact, think oneself do not have really long happy. One day the face just heartless accumulated in that smile, in the heart can not afford to turn over a little ripple. Just because a person. The original love a person really tired tired. Is it right? About happiness down too fast, then let me be taken by surprise: let me know the original be not easily won.灌了啞藥的婚姻

2014 年 4 月 2 日  星期三   晴天

Empire State Building looking 分類: blog link

This is a great way for the amateur decorator to introduce some style into their home. If you aren't familiar with the intricacies of interior design and are concerned you may make a mistake, introducing a seasonal wall mural is a fool-proof technique. By selecting this type of mural, which could depict any of the four seasons, you are essentially transforming an entire room into that season. It you want the spare look, a winter scene with bare trees might do the trick. If you want to exhibit fruitfulness and sunshine, a spring-time scene will be for you. Either way, you cannot go wrong with this method as each of the four seasons evokes emotion and therefore works as a theme.jessicamm

Dramatic 單身式

This is one for the bold. If you really want to make an impression with your decor, choosing a dramatic wall mural is the way to go. These murals aren't defined by the subject matter, but rather by their ability to stop traffic. It can be a high-resolution photograph taken from the Empire State Building looking down at the street below. It can be the view from the cockpit of a jetliner. It can be a closeup of a growling Siberian Tiger. It can be anything, so long as it makes people stop and stare.十七歲的雨季

Informative 追求自由自在

This is for the intellectuals. An informative wall mural is one that teaches, one that provides information, albeit in a fun and decorative way. A popular mural in this category is the world atlas. Nothing sparks conversation like a large, high-resolution view of the world. It can bring back memories of travels or inspire ambition to travel anew. Maps are great, but they are not the only type in this category. Think bigger. How about a view of the Milky Way Galaxy from the Hubble Telescope? Big enough? Or you can focus on smaller things, such as the elements of life. A periodic table is another popular one in this category. Whatever it is, so long as it inspires thought it fits into the informative category of wall mural decor.kertty

2014 年 3 月 27 日  星期四   晴天

Goodbye, old time 分類: zawen

Always sigh, time passed so fast, I can't catch the tail time!let a person feel very soft

Time is from the wall into beautiful shadow; fingers slide sand; we blink and the youth; time is we went yesterday, live for today and will be in tomorrow. In the life experience, make us carrying too much emotion. Family friendship love blends, sour, sweet, bitter, hot phase hold events in vientiane.Fleeting dream, life geometry

The ancients said: time is money, the flight of time Time flies like a shuttle. There is a relentless years love of people, keep moving and beautiful life, let the old time, those fading into memory, rich in life. Remember to meet beautiful, met the most beautiful time, is only willing to years of quiet, secular stability. Remember the good, common aftertaste, goodbye, those old days.A court in autumn

In fact, everyone is a unique landscape, you also is the scenery, do not envy others.I think of you the sunset and

Fu was an optimistic attitude. I do not lack of happiness, but found the happy mood -- early heart.

The road of life there are also clear gully, a sunny day have rain. Life is like a warm wind, have also, companion has alone. A calm, a peace can let the heart give birth to many of the warm. The road of life is not the best nine in ten, as long as we put the one or two good on the line.Pull a curtain of incomplete

Life, is life, I am on the road......

2014 年 3 月 19 日  星期三   晴天

Long before lots are divided up 分類: jilu

There's a reason they're called "planned communities." Whether you're the "Type A" person who makes a list for everything or not, you can really appreciate all of the forethought that goes into planned communities. Long before lots are divided up, open houses are planned, or foundations are poured-planning takes place to determine what the end product will be for the perspective buyer. Great consideration is given to what amenities a buyer will be looking for during a home search-pool, tennis court or baseball field, jogging trail, nature preserve, good schools, senior-living or younger family appeal, shopping, churches, etc. The list can be endless! Yes-planning is a good thing, and developers are one step ahead of you-to give you just what you're looking for-and more!presidential campaignirritating it can

Managed oversight-a good thing. Planned communities generally have an oversight group, usually a corporate body, called a homeowner association (HOA). Homeowners pay a set fee and generally membership is not an option-when you buy into the community, you're automatically a member of the HOA. They help maintain high standards of excellence to ensure your property-and the entire planned community will remain prime real estate.Causes of Stress Sensitization

Quality construction. Developers and builders of planned communities make sure that homes are top-notch in terms of building materials and other construction related issues. It's not just your house, it's their reputation! Builders want to ensure you're a happy homeowner-not just from day one, but years down the road!Enhance immunity baby mom would do?

Pricing and design. It is the desire of developers and builders that pricing is competitive in planned communities. This makes the concept appealing for buyers. In addition, buyers always have some options-and depending on their budget, certain aspects of a home's design can be customized and defined to the buyer's specifications. Long gone are the days when the neighborhood takes on a "cookie cutter" appearance.development acumen

2014 年 2 月 24 日  星期一   晴天

Electronic Dance Music 分類: jilu

The popularity of this genre has increased significantly through the years. Actually, a lot of music that are included in daily top hits are EDM and those incorporated with some of its features. Undoubtedly, this music could bring you to seventh heaven while dancing to its rhythm.Who killed our love

Popular during the 70's, electronic dance music was actually produced from disco music. Disco tracks make use of traditional instrumentations that includes guitar, live drums electronic bass, and acoustic orchestras. Many record producers today are incorporating electronic instruments and traditional instrumentations to produce new and danceable beats. The majority of disco tracks share this element and this type of music production greatly influenced the current electronic music.Gone, gone

Most music labels these days stopped launching disco music as the recognition of this genre slowly faded in North America. Nevertheless, disco didn't fade to oblivion completely as the Europeans still find this music attractive. Music like this are actually heard in most clubs in the 80's. During this time, the DJ will usually play a series of disco beats, but often put more focus on electronic sounds. Synthetic sounds that are utilized by some upbeat music types are the ones starting to gain popularity in clubs. It was also during these times when past chart toppers began utilizing music remixes and re-editing to somehow reinvent the music.analyze keywords and key phrases

Many major record labels did not concentrate on the increasing genre of electronic dance music. This gives the DJ the advantage that no matter what they want to do with the music, they are free to make their own. They often integrate popular modern music with electronic beat remix. By late 80's and early 90's, several EDM artists are beginning to gain interest in the mainstream music industry. Currently, electronic music undeniably catches the listener's attention and artists who are under this music genre became successful.Do not allow your pig to over eat because this can lead to health problems

The equipment needed in making a track in this genre is inexpensive, hence making an EDM can be simple and cost-effective. Nevertheless, selecting the best beat and getting the mix right is not an easy feat. For you to get it correct, you need to have the skills and unusual ability in mixing and merging music. If you are a DJ and is looking for electronic dance music that'll be perfect for your club gigs, then it won't take much of your time. This genre of music is now accessible to a lot of digital retail stores globally.Spring subway