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2015 年 7 月 28 日  星期二   晴天

Price fixing of FIFA 16 UT 開心 分類: FIFA 16

 I don't know how EA came to the stupid conclusion of player caps to be uniform across platforms.. The card weight isn't uniform across platforms, simply because there are a lot more players on the console than on PC..

Also, between consoles, there's a huge difference in card weights as PSN does not have legends.. Utterly moronic way to try to fix the mess they are in..
Maybe if they increased card weight on all platforms, this could work, but only from FIFA 16.. There are people with millions of glitched cheap Fifa 16 coins already, ready to spend as soon as FUT is back.. FIFA 15 is fucked!!
Sorry, it was sort of a joke, I mean, every single users economy, on all markets, will fluctuate depending on what players you had when this major change hit. It was EA's decision to make player caps uniform across all platforms, which means most players went up on the PC market, and down on PSN (which is good) - if you had just purchased TOTY Lahm, instead of wanting him, when the maintenance hit, you would have been happy that he was now 2,100,000 / 3,100,000. :)
Good points about the card wieghts, it's mind boggling.
And I remember hoping that FIFA 15 was gonna be the cure all from FIFA 14's ills. Player instructions was a step in the right direction, but even that was a boner from the beginning -- how many months until they could be saved? Still can't save custom tactics...
It's too early/easy to jump on the not-gonna-buy-FIFA16 or switching-to-PES bandwagons... but today has me looking back thru the lense of the past 7 months and re-evaluating how much time, effort and mindshare I put into FIFA in general.
If the price cap had been implemented from the start of FIFA15, and the coins glitching had ben fixed on last gen consoles, FIFA 15 Market would have been a lot more stable..
At this moment, it seems like EA is doing something just to say, "there, we did something about Fifa 16 coins pc buying/selling.."
Whatever else they have planned for FIFA 16, for FUT, I hope they implement it well before 16 releases so they can work the chinks out.. I highly doubt they'll listen to the paying customers, we can only hope there's some reasonable voice in their think tank that can see that this is a lost cause in 15 and can work out a way to successfully implement this in 16..
While PES is a brilliant game in its own, the access to official leagues and players will mean that EA does hold the edge in this 2 horse race..

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